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Laser Cutting Fabric

Laser machines have been widely used in textile industry. They use non-contact and tool-free processing, eliminate the possibility of material warped and deformed and avoid tool worn and damaged, so they can bring considerable benefit to you.

Our laser cutting machines provide the capability to cut and hollow out. Edges of their workpieces are perfectly sealed from cutting. Our laser engraving machines can engrave unlimited patterns without mold and provide high-quality finish. Patterns of their workpieces are clear, tactile, and emphasize the origin texture of the materials. They can process most of the fabric materials.

Our laser machines are highly automated, they are controlled by computer, cutting and engraving very accurate. They can automatically optimize the layout to save materials. They can be equipped with industrial HD camera, automatic tension feeder, double laser head and double guide rail to meet your customized demands.

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Other Products