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Laser Cutting and Marking Plastic

Plastic products are wildly used in everywhere, such as advertising light boxes, signage, packing box, showcase, etc. These products all need to be precisely cut to meet client’s need. Laser cutting machine is more accurate than traditional cutting machine and more cost effective due to no post-processing and no tool wear.

Our laser cutting machines can be highly customized to meet your special demands, including their worktable, laser head or other part. Its specially designed exhaust system will remove the toxic gas created by plastic cutting, so you don’t need to worry about the health of your operating staff.

Advantages of laser cutting plastic

● Non-contact processing, avoiding the wear loss

● Controlled by computer, be capable of processing various complex-shaped products

● Exhaust system removes dust and gas created during laser processing, keep the machine safe and clean


● Electric plug

● Electronic Component

● Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

● Auto parts

● Keyboard

● Tool and tool handles

● Switches and buttons with day/night design

● Animal identification label

● Sensor

Other Products
Other Products