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Car Leather Accessories Cutting and Engraving

Identifiability is an important attribute to cars. Car manufacturers are required to label major component and replacement parts of cars, so authorities can easily trace the origin of the parts in case they are stolen, falsified or damaged. Car manufacturers are seeking for an economical method to prevent the marker sabotaged by environment or man-made factors, they turn to laser marking.

Compare to traditional marking method such as mechanical marking, low corrosion marking, or ink marking, laser marking use non-contact processing, it is high accuracy, efficient, and without consumable cost. The laser marking machine is easy to operate and have long service life. The laser marking effect is clear, beautiful, and permanent. And laser marking can be widely applied to various metallic material and Non-metallic materials.

These automotive materials can be marking by laser machines

● Plastic

● Leather

● Metal

● Fabric

● Felt

● Linen cotton

Typical Applications in Car Accessories

● Body and Frame

● Wheel Boss and Tire

● Various Hardware Parts

● Steering Wheel and Dashboard

● Glass

● Interior

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