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CO2 Laser Cutter Especially for Textiles

HUNST LASER designed this machine with the partners in India and Sri Lanka to satisfy the cutting demanding of lace cloth. It supports garment CAD technology to conform to the trend of the times in textile industry and is gradually used by large enterprise and achieved good results.

This machine is equipped with automatically material feeding system and camera. It can automatically recognize patterns of the lace and then cut out the shapes on the materials. It is efficient, labor-saving and could help you to create competitive advantage in textile industry.




1. Automatic tension feeding. The lace cloth is tiled on the conveyor working table on one side of the machine, when the current lace cloth have been processed, the next one will be automatically feeding by tension feeder without distortion and deformation.
2. Smart layout and cutting. This machine can smartly layout the material according to the design, which can save 20% materials than traditional punching and shearing, and the cutting is performed with high precision along the edge ensures high product quality.
3. Intelligent integrated control. It is controlled by computer and provides easily one-click operation. So it is highly automated and labor-saving.

Technical Parameters

Model ETS-4012LF
Effective working travel 400*1200mm
Laser power 100w/130w/150w;
Cooling type Water cooling system
Feeding method Auto feeding system
Industrial CCD camera 18 million pixels
Maximum cutting speed 0~36000mm/min;
Repeat position accuracy ±0.2mm
Operating voltage 220V±10%; 10A;
Dimension 2580*1178*1950mm
Net weight 950KG



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